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Kelimutu Adventure & Easter Procession “Holy Friday” (Semana Sancta) In Larantuka – East Flores 07 Days/ 06 Nights

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Start     : Wai Oti airport Maumere                 Start    : IPPI airport Ende
Fisnish  : Frans Seda airport Maumere             Finish   : Frans Seda airport Maumere
Grade   : Easy to Moderate                             Grade   : Easy to Moderate
Leader : Priest                                              Leader  : Priest
Guide   : English speaking Guide                      Guide   : English speaking Guide
Price    : Call Nusa Wisata now!                       Price    : Call Nusa Wisata now!
Guarantee to Run for a Minimum of 02 Clients

Day-to-day Itinerary Choice 1

Day 1/ Tue: MAUMERE - ARRIVAL (-/ -/ D).Upon arrival at Wai Oti airport of Maumere on Flores Island our local guide will meet you then transfer to Hotel Sylvia, a brand new 3 star hotel in town or Wailiti Cottages, a beachside resort out of town for dinner and stay overnight.

Day 2/ Wed: MAUMERE - LARANTUKA (B/ L/ D). In the morning, please choose one of three options below; 

1. A pilgrimage visit to Bukit Ziarah Nilo. Rubiah Pasionis Sister and Priests have created this hill as the biggest pilgrimage site in East Nusa Tenggara for there’s stands an impressively huge icon of Mary the Mother of All Nations. Only a view minutes by driving from this icon there stands another huge Cross of Jesus Christ that named as Bukit Golgota. All the way from icon Mother Mary to the Bukit Golgota there also stands 14 Cross Way Stops. Besides an overlooking view down to Maumere town and the little islands in front of Maumere bay is magnificent. 

2. Visit Blikon Blewut Musem at Ledalero to see its various collections of local royal family old portraits, antique traditional hand woven textiles, fossils and task of extinct mammoth and mastodons (old species of elephant), scull-head of prehistory human being, porcelain of Dynasty Ming and Chung, prehistory farming tools and much more.

3. Visit Wuring fishing village to see Buginese houses stretching down the lowest tide line and local made fishing boats.

Lunch serves at Bunaken restaurant at Maumere harbor. After lunch we depart to Larantuka in eastern tip of the island (distance 137 km/ 3.5 hours straight driving). En-route we have a quick stop at Pati Ahu to see Pearl Farming then on towards Larantuka. Continued to Arrive below.....

Day-to-day Itinerary Choice 2

Day 1/ Tue: ENDE ARRIVAL - DETUSOKO (-/ -/ D). Upon arrival at Hasan Aerobusman airport of Ende on Flores Island our local guide will meet you then directly transfer to St. Franciscan Guest House at Detusoko. (Distance 31 km or 1 hour 5 minutes straight driving). This place is a Missionary base usually used by Priests, Sisters, Seminary students or other Catholic Church and Community Groups for holding meetings and retreats. Many Travel Agents accommodate their groups here for this place is quite, clean and good food. Late afternoon we take a short pilgrimage visit to Gua Maria Detusoko and to Ae Petu--a natural hot spring. Before dinner we will meet with orphan kids, listen them singing local songs and performing dances. These orphan kids are taken cared by Brayat Pinuji Orphanage under Sisters’ management. A small donation is required for the orphanage. Dinner and stay overnight at St. Franciscan Guest House.

Day 2/ Wed: DETUSOKO - KELIMUTU - MAUMERE - LARANTUKA (B/ L/ D). Wake up very early morning at 04:15 if you wish to see the sunrise then having coffee or tea only while breakfast box will be served when we are on top of Kelimutu. Local coffee and tea are available on top of Kelimutu on your personal account. Depart to Kelimutu. Distance 34 km or 1.5 hours straight driving. Arrive at parking lot start hike up to top for some 30 minutes to explore the three different colored crater lakes (DARK BLUE, TURQUOSE, and BLACK COKE). Hike down back to parking lot then driving to Moni and towards Larantuka in the eastern tip of the island. Our journey will pass thru Maumere city the capital town of Sikka district. On the way visit Muru Ndao in Moni to have a quick look at a five meters high water fall. The rest of the day until Larantuka, stop will follow with local happenings. Continue to Arrive below.....

Arrive at Larantuka directly checking in at Hotel Fortuna or Hotel Tresna. Late afternoon if time allows we join the secret ceremony of bathing and dressing the statue of Mother Mary. Dinner serves at Nirwana restaurant. Stay overnight at Hotel Fortuna or Hotel Tresna.

Day 3 – 5/ Thu - Sat: LARANTUKA (B/ L/ D). A little commercial port nestled at the base of a tall mountain Ile Mandiri in the eastern end of Flores, from where nearby islands of Solor, Adonara, and Lembata islands are visible across the narrow strait. There, a centuries old Portuguese cultural heritage, the Holy Friday Procession is annually held in this town, and worth seeing.

"Semana Sancta", the week before Easter, is an important time of religious celebration for the devoutly Catholic people of Larantuka. The celebrations center on two religious statues, one of Jesus Christ, locally known as Tuan Ana, and another one of Virgin Mary, known as Tuan Ma, brought by Portuguese missionaries Caspar de Espiritu Santo and Augustinho de Magdalena in the 1500s. These statues are only presented to the public every Easter and are secretly kept out-of-view for the rest of the year. The religious festivities begin on Wednesday before Easter, known locally as Rabu Trewa or "Shackled Wednesday" in remembrance of the betrayal of Judas Iscariot that led to Jesus' arrest and shackling. Devotees surround the chapel of Tuan Ana where the statue of Jesus is kept, shouting in Latin to mourn the arrest of Jesus by Roman soldiers. Devotees likewise surround the chapel of Tuan Ma in nearby Lohayong village where the statue of Virgin Mary is kept. On Holy Thursday, devotees enact the Tikam Turo ritual that prepares the route of the next day's seven kilometer procession by placing candles along the road sides. After the candle are prepared, devotees attend the Muda Tuan ritual in which members of a religious fraternity known as the Konfreria Reinha Rosaria (Brotherhood of the Queen of Roses) bathe the statues of Jesus and Mary. The holy water used is afterwards considered as special and is saved to cure illnesses and to help women having birth complications. 

On the morning of Good Friday, the Raja (King) of Larantuka opens the door of the chapel of Tuan Ma thus making may for devotees to enter. His own clan, the Diaz Vieira de Godinho, enter first followed by the brotherhood members and the rest of the communities. Worshipers kiss the statue of Mary and pray for divine benevolence per Mariam ad Jesum (through Mary to Jesus). Meanwhile, the statue of Jesus is taken from the chapel in Larantuka and is carried on seven kilometer long procession by land and sea. The procession has eight stops, each representing a major clan of Larantuka (among which are the Mulawato, Sarotari, Amakalen, Kapitan Jentera, Fernandez da Gomez, Diaz Pohon Sirih, and Diaz Vieira de Godinho clans). At each stop there is a miniature chapel where a short prayer and devotional singing honor the suffering of the Passion. When the statues of Jesus and Mary are united, they are carried together circling the whole town till Larantuka Cathedral church where many devotees attend a Good Friday service that lasts all night.

Saturday morning free program and in the evening join Easter Mass or Last Supper Mass at Cathedral church of Larantuka.

Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners and stay overnights at Hotel Fortuna.

Day 6/ Sun: LARANTUKA - MAUMERE (B/ L/ D). Depart to Maumere. Several stops en-route for taking photo following with local happenings and at Hokeng coffee farm to see the coffee plantas and its factory, both managed by Catholic Church Institution. This coffee factory is the only factory along the island of Flores. Hokeng itself is well known as one of reputable High Seminary Schools. Lunch serves in Maumere either at hotel or in town. Afternoon activity: please choose one of two options below; 
  • Free program
  • Go to St. Michael Church at Ledalero or Pasionis Church in Maumere to attend the Sunday Mass. Dinner and stay overnight at Hotel Sylvia or Wailiti Beach Cottages.
Day 7/ Mon: MAUMERE - DEPARTURE (B/ -/ -). In the morning Free program until time to depart to Wai Oti airport for your flight to next destination. Our service ends!

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