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Traditional Whale Hunting Lamalera 07 Days/ 06 Nights

Tour Code       : L-twhl7d001
Start/ Finish    : Wai Oti Airport Maumere – East Flores, Indonesia
Grade             : Moderate to Very Challenging
Leader/ Guide : -/ English speaking Guide from Nusa Wisata
Price               : Call Nusa Wisata now!
Guaranteed to Run for a Minimum 02 Clients

Trip Overview

The village of Lamalera on Lembata island on the Eastern parts of Indonesian archipelago is the last place on earth where whales are hunted manually using traditional wooden boat called “Paledang”, with sails made of lontar palm and simple local hunting gears. This is a centuries old tradition. And still So Much More to SEE and DO along this trip.

Day-to-day itinerary 

Day 1: MAUMERE ARRIVAL - LARANTUKA (-/ -/ D). Upon arrival at Wai Oti airport of Maumere East Flores, our local guide will meet you and transfer directly to Larantuka in a distance of 127 kilometers or 4 hours driving. On the way stops at Pati Ahu to see a natural cave’s interior that beautifully decorated with stalactites and stalagmites, at Hokeng to see a wide expanses coffee farm and its factory–-the only factory in Flores island. Continue to Larantuka. More stops for making picture will follow with local happenings. Dinner and stay overnight at Hotel Fortuna. 

Day 2: LARANTUKA - LEWOLEBA - LAMALERA (B/ L/ D). Depart to Larantuka harbor then continue embarking on public passenger boat to Lewoleba - Lembata Island via Waewerang. The sailing journey to Lewoleba takes approx 4 hours. Arrive at Lewoleba, having lunch then directly drive on a 4wheel-drives crossing to Lamalera village on the south passing through beautiful mountain villages and gorgeous scenic landscape. Dinner and stay overnight at Abel Beding Home Stay. 

Day 3: LAMALERA - WHALE HUNTING DISCOVERY (B/ L/ D). A morning relaxing walks along the beach, observing traditional hunting boats, “Palendang” which are made of selected timber and its sails made of lontar palm leafs, gather together with whale hunters, interact and share experience with them. Make sure to be always ready to hop on the hunter’s traditional boat when one whale comes across or if the hunters are to busy we can to hop on speed boat to follow them hunting. By luck one will see muscular harpooners chasing the whale and perhaps killing it. Traditional Whale Hunting has become one of Lamalera’s annual events that has been laid down through generations and is the top of their economic resource. They do hunt for dolphins, manta rays, turtle and any kind of fishes for daily consumption. They live in such a tropical dry land filled with rocks where there is no enough space to grow crops. Lunch, dinner and stay overnight at Abel Beding Home Stay.

Day 4: WHALE HUNTING (B/ L/ D). If you are unlucky at first day, you need a little patient. Out there always somebody watching on the whale movement on the sea and they do this job every day during the year. Just keep your ears open, when someone yelling “Baleo.....Baleo.....Baleo.....”, that signs that people have seen the whales come across at sea. All of a sudden the situation will turn to crowd where everybody will quickly preparing all hunting needs, pulling out boat to the sea, hop on and hunting the whale. Women and children usually help doing this job and afterwards will stay around the beach wait for their husband/ father to return home with a killed sperm whale and in save and sound. A big party would be spontaneously created when harpooners return with a killed whale. Lunch, dinner and stay overnight at Abel Bending Home Stay.

Day 5: LAMALERA - LEWOLEBA (B/ L/ D). Depart to Lewoleba town and on towards Mawa, Lamagute and Jontona–three traditional weaving villages located right on the foot of Volcano Ile Ape (1450m). Here you will explore the most beautiful original and typical hand woven “ikat” of Lembata--hand spun cotton and natural coloring. Return to Lewoleba town for dinner and stay overnight at Hotel Rejeki. 

Day 6: LEWOLEBA - LARANTUKA - MAUMERE (B/ L/ D).Transfer to Lewoleba harbor then continue by public passenger boat to Larantuka town – East Flores. Arrive at Larantuka having lunch at restaurant then heading on towards Maumere. Stop on the way will be following with local happenings. Dinner and stay overnight at Hotel Wiliti or Hotel Sylvia. 

Day 7: MAUMERE - DEPARTURE (B/ L/ D).Transfer to Wai Oti airport for your flight to next destination. Our service ends!

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